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FyreGallery is a boutique fine art gallery specialising in works on paper and textiles. Located in the unique heritage listed town of Braidwood, NSW, FyreGallery is committed to an ethos of "beautiful, functional and sustainable".  Since opening in 2005 FyreGallery has acquired a reputation for surprising and delighting clients and visitors alike. Fyre GalleryfYREGallery is proud to be an Associate Gallery of Josef Lebovic Gallery, Sydney Australia.





C.A.T. featuring images of Cats in ArT

 : vintage and contemporary prints celebrating felines in all their catness

C.A.T. opens on Friday 23 March 2018 and closes on Sunday 15 April 2018.

Drawn from Australian and International collections, C.A.T. encompases drawings, etchings, lithographs, wood block  silk screen and digital prints by a variety of well known artists, and some showing for the first time. Big cats, wild cats and domestic felines have caught the eye and imaginations of artists in every generation since the ancient Egyptians painted images of them hunting wild-life beside the Nile to accompany them into the after-life. Cats have fascinated us for much longer than just the past few years of the phenomena of watching cats on YouTube. Capturing and recording the majesty, mystery and madness of cats in art leads to some very unexpected places.

C.A.T. is presented in association with Josef Lebovic Gallery, Sydney and The Old Print Shop, N.Y. New York


Woody by Andy English